What is FIRExTalk?

What is FIRExTalk?

The FirexTalk one-day firefighter conference is designed to help fire service communities, organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection through a local TEDx-like experience.

At a FIRExTalk event, twenty 20 minute “talks on fire” are given by local presenters.  Each presentation is professionally video recorded and placed on the FIRExTalk YouTube channel and website. This sparks conversation and connection at the local and national level. FIRExTalk events are planned and coordinated by FIRExTalk llc.

About FIRExTalk partnerships 

FIRExTalk is a fire service community event that inspires innovation, leadership, and passionate insights. Each FIRExTalk event is not organized for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. The FIRExTalk organization believes in the power of ideas to change the fire service world for the better.

FIRExTalk llc is seeking the support of local and national companies who can sponsor FIRExTalk events through cash and offer ways to enhance the experience for our attendees. If you own or represent a company that wants to explore opportunities for partnering with the FIRExTalk event, contact FIRExTalk@gmail.com

Why become a FIRExTalk partner?

As a FIRExTalk partner, you will have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with an elusive, yet valuable audience: passionate, firefighters in the local community. You’ll have an opportunity to test your ideas for the future, and you’ll be challenged to positively impact the community in new ways.

Becoming a FIRExTalk partner means you share in our vision of spreading ideas that are intended to change the fire service community for the better. It means you’ll be joining our team of thought leaders while benefiting from an individually-tailored partnership.

The vision of FIRExTalk

FIRExTalk began as a humble experiment. Our hope is the program will be embraced, with passion and dedication, by hundreds — if not thousands — of fire service communities across the United States. FIRExTalk wants to capture 500 “talks on fire” covering all aspects of the fire service.  Think of FIRExTalk as an incubator for ideas. Partners should come to FIRExTalk events not only to present ideas, but as learners — to learn from the fire service community. FIRExTalks create an opportunity for this community of thinkers, doers, and leaders to engage in a subject that is meaningful to you.

From a company’s perspective, the FIRExTalk program may seem quite experimental — and, as such, a great opportunity for the partner to experiment. We look forward to hearing from you directly regarding any ideas you might have.

FIRExTalk Coordinator

Michael Snodgrass



FIRExTalk Partner Benefit Page

On-site Signage

Brand signage: directional, registration, entryway, tradeshow, staging, backdrop, and projection screen.

Category Exclusivity

Product category exclusivity at $5000 sponsorship.

Ad Opportunities

Each $500 sponsorship includes: 1 Facebook Ad, 1 Twitter Ad, 1 Conference commercial segment, and 1 embedded YouTube commercial.

Onsite Presence

Each $500 sponsorship includes:  A Trade-Show Space, 1-60 Second Live/Video Stage segment, attendee face-to-face contact and raffle brand promotions.

Brand Titled Areas

Creative brand titled areas and sub-events.  The entryway, pre-event, hospitality suite, coffee bar, registration, stage, luncheon, and breaks.

Attendee Database Access

Through EventBrite.com attendee demographics and sponsor determined registration information (200 attendees minimum).

Content Access

Sponsors have access to pre and post event content.  Each video will be available on YouTube, download, and DVD/Blue-Ray format.

Rights to Use Logos/Marks

Each sponsor will have use of FIRExTalk logos, branding, copyrights, and trademarks.

Logo/Brand on Collateral

Sponsor logo/brand included on emails, videos, slideshows, programs, Facebook, and schedules.

Logo/Brand Exposure Media Buy

Logo/Brand exposure on all FIRExTalk media avenues including Facebook, YouTube, podcast, and local news coverage.

Sponsorship Levels

Exclusive Level- $10,000

Exclusive sponsor of an entire FIRExTalk event.  All sponsor benefits are exclusively at the discretion of the sponsor for all 20 talks at one FIRExTalk event.

5th Alarm Level- $5000

Product category exclusivity, sponsorship benefits for 10 talks total at one or multiple events.

1st Alarm Level- $1000

Sponsorship benefits for 2 talks total at one or two events.

Company Level- $500

Minimum sponsorship level with benefits for 1 talk at one event.

Logo/Brand Exposure

60 Seconds of Live/Video Stage Presence

Embedded YouTube Video “Commercial” in 1 presentation

Raffle Promotion Logo/Brand Exposure

Rights to Use FIRExTalk Logo/Brand/Marks

FIRExTalk SoCal Firefighter Conference

What:  FIRExTalk SoCal is a firefighter conference formatted on the popular TEDx framework with a focus on the fire service community.  The event will have twenty presentations lasting 20 minutes during a one-day conference.  The presentations will be primarily given by firefighters for firefighters. Attendance is limited at 300 firefighters.

Cost: $20

Where:  Ontario or Pasadena TBA

When:  March 14th from 0800-1700

Why:  To showcase ideas from the fire service community by firefighters for firefighters.

How:  FIRExTalk SoCal uses local presenters that can deliver a 20-minute lecture on an idea worth sharing in the fire service.  The idea does not need to be new or complicated.  An example of a talk is “How to Tune Your Halligan Bar” or “Dealing with Difficult People.” If you would like to present, contact Michael Snodgrass at FIRExTalk@gmail.com.

Registration:  Eventbrite.com

FIRExTalk SoCal

Michael Snodgrass